Deidre Chisholm

Master Cosmetologist + RN/BSN

Deidre Chisholm has been a master cosmetologist for 25 years, her love affair with hair began when her aunt taught her how braid at the age of seven. Formally trained in NYC at the Learning Institute for Beauty Sciences, Deidre became a licensed cosmetologist in 1993. Over the course of two decades, she has mastered styling, coloring, haircutting and advanced hair weaving techniques while maintaining a “healthy hair and scalp” philosophy.
In 2002, Deidre relocated to Atlanta Georgia and became one of the premier stylist among Atlanta’s elite. Soon after, with an inherent desire to be of service, Deidre pursued another lifelong passion and became a registered nurse in 2010. As an RN, she saw the effects of various forms of hair loss such as alopecia and the side effects of chemo therapy firsthand. Understanding the effects of hair loss on a woman’s self-esteem, Deidre combined both of her passions in an effort to provide a viable solution for clients.
In February 2014, Jean Andrew Hair Solutions was founded, a private salon in Katy Texas. Deidre proudly offers non-invasive hair replacement services, custom wigs, hair extensions, various weaving techniques and traditional salon services to a diverse clientele of professional women. JA Hair Collection an exclusive line of 100% Burmese virgin hair and premium styling products are available in the salon and online store.

Hair extensions provide the illusion of longer and thicker hair. Hair replacement conceals overall baldness in the crown and perimeter of the head. Glue installations are not preferred in order to preserve remaining hair and maintain a healthy scalp.
With a continued focus on healthy hair, Deidre educates clients about the importance of proper hair care and maintenance. She shares her expertise with fellow stylist by offering hands on wig design classes. Deidre continues to respond to changes within the beauty industry by adapting new techniques and innovation while staying true to her mission to restore women’s confidence, after hair loss.
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Career Highlights

  • Behind Bars Indie Movie, New York – Hair Stylist
  • ‘StyleWorks’ New York- Volunteer Hair Stylist
  • The View, Spring Hair Segment – Hair Stylist
  • Goody Corp. Atlanta, GA -Research & Development Consultant