Deidre Chisholm

Master Cosmetologist + RN/BSN

Why is hair replacement the focus at Jean Andrew Hair ? For 25 years Deidre Chisholm has witnessed women experience hereditary, hormonal , medical and traumatic hair loss. Depending on the area I could utilize a lace hairpiece.  Unfortunately this approach doesn’t help everyone. I have constantly searched for classes and seminars to address their issues . In 2014 I resolved to specialize in hair replacement. I was sick of clients with bad overpriced  wigs and hair weaves attached to too little hair. The wrong solution can cause more hair loss. Hair loss can be permanent or temporary, depending on the cause. Scalp treatments and steroid injections rarely help, ultimately women seek the illusion of natural hair to conceal their problem area. The goal at Jean Andrew Hair is to provide discreet concealment. Attachment methods are determined by the clients lifestyle, any allergies and frequency of maintenance visits. Get rid of the bad wigs and heavy weaves today?  Your desired hair is a reality at J.A. Hair.


Career Highlights

  • Behind Bars Indie Movie, New York  Hair Stylist
  • StyleWorks New York- Volunteer Hair Stylist
  • The View, Spring Hair Segment  Hair Stylist
  • Goody Corp. Atlanta, GA -Research & Development Consultant

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