How to Maintain Braidless Hair Extensions

07 Feb How to Maintain Braidless Hair Extensions

You need to do your part for you to have a nice hair extension experience. Installation is the first step in the hair extension process. Maintenance is the second and most important part of the process. No matter if it is a weave, braidless weave, micro links, fusion or tape-ins, you can’t do without taking care of it or else, it won’t last.


closeup of a woman with a comb

closeup of a woman with a comb

Maintenance tips:

Shampoo weekly at least, when dirt and sweat build up in your hair it will tangle. Remove all tangles by brushing thoroughly before shampooing.

Wash your hair going in a downward movement. Make use of a high-quality shampoo, it is not advisable to use any drug store shampoo or conditioners but rather try salon quality products. Global Keratin shampoo and conditioners cleanse and condition well without weighing the hair down.

After showering, allow your hair to air dry as long as possible, use a medium heat dryer to finish the process or sit under a hood dryer to completely dry your natural and additional hair.

When detangling after shampooing, do not brush. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb or pic. Begin at the tips of your hair and gradually work your way up. Detangle in downward movement always. Be gentle.

Brush your hair a few times a day, preferably 2 to 3 times.

It’s highly suggested you utilize a good leave-in conditioner and light-weight heat protecting serum when styling your own hair.

If you are planning to change hair color before getting extensions consult your stylist to ensure a match with the additional hair. Hair extensions can normally fit quite closely, but should you not be able to get an ideal match, don’t box dye your extensions. Instead, make a consultation with a skilled stylist to minimize damaging your extensions. Please be aware that the quality of the extensions could be damaged from such procedures as dye, as well as other chemical processes, is not recommended for extensions. Play it safe and leave the coloring to your own stylist in case your roots need a touchup before you change your extensions.

If appropriate attention isn’t taken, swimming and water activities could be damaging on your hair extensions. When swimming, put on a cap or keep your hair from the water. It is recommended you coat your extensions with an excellent conditioner and fix them closely in a braid should you not have a swimming cap. A bun that is twisted is not recommended as this can cause tangling. Salt water and chlorine can make the hair to tangle and mat up. When you swim, it is suggested you wear your hair up or in ponytail. Shampoo and condition your hair to remove salt and chlorine when you’re finished swimming

Never sleep on wet hair! Ensure your hair is totally dry before you go to sleep. Gently tie it up, or wrap it up to prevent tangling. A simple braid should be used, when sleeping, to tie your extensions back. Sleep on a silk pillowcase or cover hair with a silky scarf

To ensure your extensions last long, do not perm, color or add any other chemical process to your extensions. If you need any of these treatments, visit Jean Andrew Hair Solutions!


4pkgSuggested Hair Care Products:

Make use of a good conditioner as well as a leave-in to keep your hair soft. Do not overdo it! Too much conditioner or any hair care product can give rise to a build-up and tangling. Avoid products that contain alcohol. Alcohol will only make your hair dry.

Basically, your hair-care list should contain:

  • Pic/ Wide tooth comb
  • Global Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Global Keratin Leave-in Spray or Creme & Serum


Frequent tightenings are necessary to prevent harm to your natural hair and maintain your hair extensions. Matting will occur by leaving your hair too long without a tighten, and the removal will cause damage to your own hair as well as your extensions. For Sewn in Extensions, a tightening between 3 – 6 weeks is recommended.

It is recommended to remove extensions every 8-10 weeks, to maintain healthy natural hair.

For microlinks or braidless extensions it is advisable to keep products away from attachment points/scalp. Moisturizing products & conditioners cause the hair to slip and will make your hair extension slide out of place.

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